Global Markets

Global Markets

Containerized Cargo

The Port of Halifax is a gateway for trade to and from North America. From retail imports and wind turbine components from Asia to exports of Canadian forest products and soybeans, the Port handles a wide range of cargo destined for, or originating in, 150 countries worldwide. The Port’s primary markets are South East Asia and Europe.

The Port of Halifax offers transit time advantages on the water to shippers. Halifax is one full day closer to South East Asia and Europe than any other east coast port. Cargo moves quickly through Halifax and into major markets in North America's heartland.

The majority of containerized cargo moved through Halifax has an origin or destination in Asia.

Representatives Overseas

In order to further develop these trade corridors the Port of Halifax has invested in overseas representatives in Europe, India and Vietnam.

To learn more, or to contact one of our representatives directly, please contact:

Alison Winsor
Manager, International Trade Development
Phone: (902) 426-7544